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We’ve been outdoors since 1966. In the last 50 years, we’ve continually pushed ourselves, and our kit, to the limits.

Over the decades we have supplied and supported many historic expeditions, such as the first successful British ascent of the South West Face of Everest. We continue to be there for those who choose to face the ultimate challenge, in the world’s roughest terrains, for example our gear was recently used to explore Sistema Huautla, reaching the deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere.

Most importantly, we think, Vango has introduced generations of young people to outdoor adventure through our partnerships with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and The Scout Association.

Vango has been the brand of choice for millions of campers, caravanners, hikers and explorers to confidently get on their way and go outdoors.

Innovation and fresh thinking are in our blood. We spend a huge amount of our time developing ideas that let families camp in comfort, adventurers go wild and mountaineers face challenges. In short, we’ll always be here for those who want to explore their spirit of adventure.

We are where we are today, not solely through innovation and design. Vango is primarily about its people and I’m immensity proud of our team and the massive contribution made over the last 50 years, to building our business, and making us the number one on so many fronts.

The past 50 years has sculpted who we are and what we have become. The next 50 will no doubt bring new opportunity, challenges and excitement for us all in the Outdoor Industry. We at AMG are ready and eager to embrace the future and we look forward to continuing our journey with people who share our spirit of adventure.


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